Liminal Spaces

What is a liminal space?

Broadly, the term liminal space is used to describe a place or state of change or transition; this may be physical (e.g. a doorway) or psychological (e.g. the period of adolescence). Liminal space imagery often depicts this sense of "in-between", capturing transitional places unsettlingly devoid of people. The aesthetic may convey moods of eeriness, surrealness, nostalgia, or sadness, and elicit responses of both comfort and unease.

Liminal spaces are defined as "the physical spaces between one destination and the next." Common examples of such spaces include hallways, streets, hotels, and corridors. The aesthetic gained popularity in 2019 after a post on 4chan depicting a liminal space called the Backrooms went viral. Since then, liminal space images have been posted all across the internet.

My opinion on liminality

who cares about the definition, just post cool pictures

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